The conference topics for ICIAP 2007 have been organized into five main streams:
THEORY: Theory of Image Analysis and Processing
Area Chair:
Edwin Hancock, University of York, UK
Giuseppe Boccignone, UniversitÓ di Salerno, Italy
Segmentation; feature extraction and representation; shape, motion, texture analysis; morphology; structural and syntactical pattern recognition; HMM, SVM and neural networks for image analysis; evolutionary computation.
SURVEILLANCE AND SECURITY: Image Analysis and Processing for Surveillance and Security
Area Chair:
Graeme Jones, University of Kingston, UK
Gianluca Foresti, UniversitÓ di Udine, Italy
Video surveillance; human activity monitoring; behaviour analysis and classification; people detection and tracking; threat detection; active and cognitive vision; steganography and Watermarking.
MULTIMEDIA: Image Analysis and Processing for multimedia.
Area Chair:
Arnold Smeulders, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Alberto Del Bimbo, UniversitÓ di Firenze, Italy
Video analysis; shot detection and classification; image and video retrieval; video summarization; content description and indexing; compression and coding; video streaming; adaptive support for scalable media.
HUMAN-CENTRED APPLICATIONS: Image Analysis and Processing for multimedia.
Area Chair:
AK Jain, Michigan State University, USA
Paola Campedelli, UniversitÓ di Milano, Italy
Biometry, fingerprint analysis, face detection and recognition, human body analysis, humancomputer interfaces, medical imaging.
INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Image Analysis and Processing for industrial applications
Area Chair:
Hideo Saito (Keiko University, Japan)
Vittorio Murino, UniversitÓ di Verona, Italy
Robot vision; mobile robots and visual navigation; remote sensing; augmented reality; visual inspection and process control; metrology; rapid prototyping; document processing.

ICIAP 2007 - International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing